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Native American Flute Songs Online   


     Flute Tree


Native American Flute Makers


    Brian Akipa


Native American Style Flute Makers  


Janina utilizes the excellent flutes of both Butch Hall Flutes and Northern Spirit Flutes for her school and flute circle programs*...


       *  Butch Hall - starter kits available for flute circles and schools


       *  Northern Spirit Flutes  - educational programs and videos available


         Woodland Voices


         Makwa Flutes


** Please note! There are MANY flute makers, songs, and flute circles out there...these links are to people with whom Janina has personally met, worked, or from whom she's purchased flutes. :)


Native American Flute Organizations and Flute Circles and World Flutes


                World Flute Society      


                NANA (Northern Alberta Native American Flute Circle)


Authors and Artists "Sharing the Legacy" of the Native American Flute


        David Bouchard


        Dennis Weber


        Fluteopedia - Encyclopedia of Online Information about the NAF





Educators Currently Developing Native American Flute Programs

for Schools


           Richard Dube


        Kevin Locke


        Janina Carlstad



Visionaries sharing a flute chat....  Brothers in song, David Bouchard and Richard Dube (Northern Spirit Flutes)    Fall 2012

Canada Norse Links

Fujara - Winne Clement

Naturinstrumenter - Magnar Storbaekken

Vikingmusikk with Kjell Braaten

Instruments of Antiquity - Chris Nogy


Woodland Wellness Links

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 

– Margaret Mead -  

If you are interested in becoming involved in volunteering for agencies preserving nature, healthful natural self-maintenance, staying at Award Winning GREEN accomodations, meditating in nature based surroundings,or creating your own backyard wildlife habitat...check out some of Janina's favorite websites, people and places: 

                                                                                                          Michal Wasuita

Pine Bungalows - Cabins in Jasper, Alberta...awarded for Environmental Citizenship and LEED for Homes  - Meet owner/operator Michal Wasuita and team to connect with a great place to play flute by the river, meditate, naturalize, or hold a workshop at the Walkedon Conference Centre.


Friends of Jasper National Park - helping take care of one of our world's heritage and wild land resources.  Find ways you can become involved. 


(Below - Janina with Ian and Gilbert of Les Bucherons - Cabine Soleil)

Journey to Health - With Gudrun Penselin, M.Ed., M.Phys.Ed., Clinical Herbal Therapist  of Grande Prairie, AB, Canada... presenting herbal pharmacy, complementary health practices, educational courses on healing and wellness. Gudrun's DVD, "Herbal Pharmacy for Everyone" is a remarkable and enabling approach to personal wellness.    

Satori Yoga Studio - Yoga and Healing Arts with Julia Khafizov in Grande Prairie, AB 

Ground With Sound - Sound Therapy with Daisy Harpe  - Experience the Sound Dome, or walk the Labyrinth in beautiful wild lands - near Evergreen Park, Grande Prairie, AB.


Backyard Wildlife Habitats - gain ideas from Canadian Nature Federation about ways and means of creating your own wildlife space, whether you have a backyard or an acreage...


 David Suzuki Foundation - additional information and ideas to "greening up" our world.

Wild Woman Ways - Artful music, Wheels, Webs, Nordic Mysteries, Horses, Rivers... learn to be at one with one's self and the nature within us all...

Peter Puffin - Peter Lenton is an award winning educator, musician, and naturalist performing school and family concerts across the nation



 ***These individuals with whom I have linked here and in life, walk softly upon the Earth and with great insight.  They are tireless in devoting their lives towards healthful awareness, action, and healing of our Planet!   I am so grateful to be able to include them here...I am eternally thankful and feel so blessed for their presence, support and influence upon my own personal missions and visions! 



 Author and Poet (and Chairperson of NANA Flute Circle) David Bouchard, Janina Carlstad, and John Fletcher share a laugh after the Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Gala Evening of the Alberta Teachers' Association in Grande Prairie - Spring 2012