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Photo:  C. Lydell  August 2013

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Photo by Discovery Zoo Staff - Innisfail, AB - August 2012

 Educator, musician, naturalist, poet, and photographer, Janina is a transformative artist who is passionate about sharing the music and melody of the Native American Flute, other World instruments and Norse heritage with YOU!  Originally from central Alberta, where she spent hours studying, learning and playing about aspen parklands, lakelands and mountain regions of the province, Janina has spent the past 30 years working, raising her family, and living in the "Peace Country" of Alberta and British Columbia. 


The inspiration found within such a land of diversity and space is reflected strongly throughout Janina's music and workshops. Fascinated by nature, ecopsychology, humanity's journey, and our global society in general, Janina is honored  to encourage each individual towards finding their creative voice in their own unique way through the SomeAre Solstice Music, Canada Norse, and/or Woodland Wellness Workshops. 

Her concern and passion for the well-being of our Planet, her fascination and spiritual bond with nature, and the stories surrounding her various flutes and instruments add a heartwarming flair to Janina's presentations.

                             Janina and Gannet Colony at Cape St. Mary's - Newfoundland, Canada