Educational Programs and Workshops               

As well as concerts, SomeAre Solstice Flutes and Woodland Wellness is delighted to offer several styles of workshops which we're sure will carry you across a bridge of beautiful history and intrigue from the old ways and worlds into the new while finding your own creative voice in inspiring new ways! 

Listen to the birds and other creatures as you fill the woodlands with your own flute song, echo your own heartbeat with your drumming, discover new birds and plants, or hear some powerful horns and stories from other lands!...  It's a world of music and nature exploration that awaits you....

Take a peek at these pages to find one that suits you and your interests:

Sharing the Legacy - Native American Flutes - flute building, sharing                      the history and development of the flutes, flute cases, lessons

Woodland Wellness - Nature walks, crafts, finding yourself and new interests in nature

Canada Norse - an exploration of historical instruments of Norway and         Old Norse cultures

Realms av Ravn - Folkloric storytelling and puppetry, sharing tales of Canada, Ireland, and Norway

Ambling Through Ambience - A journey through rhythm and ambient sounds to create serene and powerful soundscapes

Workshop Prices 

 Check our price page to find out what will work for you... or simply contact Janina to find out more.