Sharing the Legacy - The Native American Flute                     


If the haunting melodious sound of the Native American Flute calls to you, join with Janina in finding out ways you can share the legacy of this heritage instrument.


Janina offers a series of workshops which may cater to your current interest in this expressive and beautiful instrument:


Flute Making Workshop- using Northern Spirit ABS Plastic Flute materials


Flute Painting Workshop (of flutes made in above workshop)


Protective Flute Covering Workshop (prepare a fabric bag in which to carry and protect your new flute)


Flute Lessons - Janina will assist you in playing those first few notes and songs


Flute Heritage and Legacy -(the perfect complement to the Flute Making Workshop)     -Janina will introduce you to the origins, teachings, songs and stories, flutemakers, organizations, flute circles, and connections to flute history around the world. Janina will also help you locate flute makers who can assist you in finding the flute of your choice in a variety of materials and price ranges


Flute Circles - join with a group of like minded individuals and share in the flute journey together. Find out how to organize a flute circle in your own area.


Implementing the Native American Flute into the School Curriculum - Traditional or Moving into 21st Century 

Education - Janina has provided teacher inservices and school workshops throughout the Peace Country in the past few years.  Find out how to implement the Native American Flute into your school  or social program. The legacy of these flutes is an aspect of First Nations culture which perfectly complements the Alberta social studies curriculum and activities addressing Truth & Reconciliation.


Woodlands Wellness Workshops:


These activities are designed to share facts, stories, and connections with our natural world, and/or to provide support for people in experiencing their personal journey and reflection of that development, celebration, or healing through nature and creativity.


Perfect for Retreats, Nature Camps, Children's Programs, Culture Camps, or Parks Events, these workshops are generally two hours in length, and may be offered singly, or in combination with others to make a full day.  Activities can be designed for a variety of settings, age groups, cultural interests, and creative materials.


Choose from:   


                                 Woodland Meditation and/or Nature Walks:


                                       Learn about Wildflowers, Birds, Wildlife   

                                      Guided Woodland or Sound Meditation   

                                      Children's Nature Walks/Scavenger Hunts -

                                                     (Leaving only footprints and taking only pictures)


Storytelling and Puppet-Making Activities:  


        Songs of the Woodland Birds Series

         Ravin' About Ravens

         Woodlands Wildlife

Rock Painting


 Writing and Art Projects:


Power Poems and Spirit Flags

Face Painting

Life Story - The Code

Sound Healing



Contact Janina to find out specific information and costs for each workshop or to book a workshop near you.