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   Concerts - Workshops - School Programs - Storytelling


"Music transcends time, space, and culture..."  


  Janina and John of SomeAre Solstice Flutes are pleased to share...


          *concerts and coffee house performances

          *music for fundraisers, charities, special events    

          *music and musing for meditation and yoga   

          *flute making workshops   

          *lessons for playing the Native American inspired flute

          *networking to find flute makers to suit your budget and style 

          *organization of your own flute circle


          *flute workshops for retreats, schools, cultural camps and conventions

          *NEW*  Soundscapes - exploring sound through visual, land, nature &                         cultural themes (available now... "Verdens Musik og Soundscapes av                       Norge")      



  Photo by K. Williams Scott                                                                                                Swan Festival 2012


* * * * * Interested in hearing a few tunes? Please click here to experience a few of our songs on Reverbnation. 

SomeAre Solstice Flutes are currently recording... but the "Woodland Muse Song Collection - SOARING" is available as a CD Song Sampler (7 songs) and Downloads are coming soon! 


* * * * *

"I love the way Janina carries a mystical mood with the various hand-crafted flutes she plays.  Add John's earthy, folky guitar rhythms, and it's a magical, delightful surprise.  I would recommend this duo wholeheartedly!" 

THREZA - Grande Prairie Singer/Songwriter 

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I give thanks

to the many wonderful flute makers

who grace us with their talents,

for without their gift of "flute making"

we would not be able to share

this music!


-Janina Skutle Carlstad-


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