SomeAre Solstice Flutes Woodland Wellness Workshops 

With Janina

We invite you to explore a wealth of activities celebrating Nature and Woodland Wellness for you and our Earth! 



Ever wonder what those birds are that you hear as you hike

along the forest path?


Wondering which wildflowers you are seeing as you walk

or which are medicinal plants? 


Ever contemplate expressing yourself through art or music?


 OR tracing your life's journey through power poems and painting? 


Interested in rock painting, wildlife puppetry, flute making, storytelling? 


All these are great ways to experience and learn about nature and our woodlands!  Join Janina in experiencing our "wild" world in a workshop styled to fit your group's needs.


 Janina is eager to bring the inspiration of the natural world and our many cultures to design a workshop of harmony and unity, suitable for many different scenarios, whether it be classroom, woodlands, conventions, or retreats.    

          * NEW - Artist in Residence Program - Click on Link to Find Out More

**NEW - Nature's Calling With Nina River Gypsy - Interactive Storytelling & Sing Along Program


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